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Listed below are all Chemistry graduate degrees awarded at MTU since Fall 1999 sorted by term.

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Bai, Xin, PHD, Spring 2009
Ab Initio Studies for Solvated Electrons in Hydrogen Fluoride, Water and Ammonia, The Dipole-Electron Interaction and Hydrogen Bonding
Advisor: Brown, Richard E
Mailloux, Lawrence J, MS, Spring 2009
A 1,2,4-Triazole to Thiazole Transformation
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Thimmaiah, Muralidhara, PHD, Spring 2008
Benzoferrocenyl Phosphine Ligands: Synthesis andApplications in Catalysis
Advisor: Fang, Shiyue
Wu, Yan, PHD, Spring 2008
Retention Mechanisms Study in Packed ColumnSupercritical Fluid Chromatography
Advisor: Chesney, David J
Frost, John A, MS, Fall 2007
N-[2-(methylsulfinyl)phenyl]-1H-pyrrole-1-carboxamides,and the Effect of Mono-substitution within a Urea ContainingSystem on Intramolecular Sulfoxide Electrophilic
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Palaniappan, Kumaranand, PHD, Fall 2007
Water-Soluble, Cyclodextrin-Modified SemiconductorQuantum Dots - a Novel Class of Chemical and BiologicalSensors
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Cai, Feifei, MS, Summer 2007
Fluorescent Responses of Highly Water-Soluble BoronicAcid-Bearing Polythiophene and Polyfluorene to BiologicalSpecies
Advisor: Liu, Haiying
Wu, Shuai, MS, Summer 2007
The Development of Glycosyl Alkynyl Ketones as Precursors for C-Nucleosides Synthesis
Advisor: Logue, Marshall W
Ekkati, Anil R, PHD, Fall 2006
Part A. Acid-Catalyzed Reactions of FusedN-Acyl-2-Pyrrolecarbinoles and Part B. A ConvenientSynthesis of N-Acylpyrroles from Primary Aromatic Amides
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Kongprakaiwoot, Natcharee, PHD, Fall 2006
Binucleating Ligands Based on 1,2,4,5-TetrasubstitutedBenzenes and their Bimetallic Complexes,Syntheses and Structural Characterizations
Advisor: Urnezius, Eugenijus
Mhadgut, Shilpa C, PHD, Fall 2006
New Approaches in Design and Development of SustainableCatalytic Systems for the Transformation of C=X (X=C,O,N)Bond Containing Compounds
Advisor: Urnezius, Eugenijus
Tang, Yu, PHD, Fall 2006
Reactions of Peroxyl Radicals with Nitroxides andDevelopment of a Nitroxide-based Fluorescent Probefor Peroxyl Radicals
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Hemme, Susan R, MS, Summer 2006
Metallothionein in Zooplankton as a Biomarker of CopperStress on an Ecosystem
Advisor: MS
Jimtaisong, Ampa, PHD, Summer 2006
Syntheses and Catalytic Activities of Dioxo-, Oxoperoxo-and Oxodiperoxo Molybdenum (VI) and Tungsten (VI) CompoundsBearing Monodentate or Bidentate Phosphine Oxide Ligands
Advisor: Luck, Rudy L
Smith, Kelley M, MS, Spring 2006
Determination of the Main Ionic Species in Concentrated,Two-Component, Multi-Valent Electrolyte Solutions
Advisor: Leifer, Leslie
Boreddy, Geetha, MS, Fall 2005
InCl3.4H2O Catalyzed Formation of Azafulvenium Ion andTrapping By Furan
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Jog, Sonali P, PHD, Fall 2005
Biochemical Characterization and Recombinant Expressionof Alkaline Phytase from Lilium longiflorum
Advisor: Murthy, Pushpalatha P
Garchow, Barry G, PHD, Fall 2005
Purification and Characterization of an Alkaline Phytasefrom Lilium Longiflorum
Advisor: Murthy, Pushpalatha P
Yang, Ping, PHD, Fall 2005
Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding Network inMYO-Inositol Phosphates
Advisor: Brown, Richard E
Dhagat, Bakul, PHD, Summer 2005
Unique Alkaline Phytase from Lily Pollen: Cloning, Characterization and Differential Expression
Advisor: Murthy, Pushpalatha P
Savolainen, Markku, MS, Summer 2005
Novel Synthesis of Trifluoromethylated Imines Using Solid Acid and Solid Superacid Catalysts
Advisor: Torok, Bela
Jog, Parag V, PHD, Spring 2005
Sulfoxides as an Intramolecular Sulfenylating Agent for Indoles and Diverse Applications of the Sulfide-Sulfoxide Redox Cycle in Organic Chemistry
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Ravipaty, Shobha, PHD, Fall 2004
Supercritical Fluid CO2: Reagent Solubility,Phase Behavior, and Purification Studies
Advisor: Chesney, David J
Satuluri, Kalyani, MS, Fall 2004
Enantioselective Hydrogenation Using CinchonaModified Polymer Supported Pt Catalyst
Advisor: Torok, Bela
Seguin, Matt J, MS, Fall 2004
A Pedagogical Study of the Effectiveness of Introducing a Novel Experiment to Identify the Equivalent Mass and pKa of Selected Acids and Titrimetric Methods: Pedagogical Improvements
Advisor: Chesney, David J
Li, Fuping, PHD, Fall 2003
A Study of the Interphase in Aluminum/EpoxyBonded Joints
Advisor: Williams, John G
Wang, Xin, MS, Fall 2003
An AB initio study of the validity of E2C mechanism
Advisor: Brown, Richard E
Zhu, Lei, MS, Fall 2003
Use of Reactive Nanoparticles to Prepare Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A
Carlborn, Karana M, MS, Fall 2002
Urea-Formaldehyde Adhesives with Increased Moisture Resistance and Toughness
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A
Li, Kexue, PHD, Fall 2002
Diverse Heterocyclic Chemistry: Sulfoxides as oxidants, sulfoxides as sulfenylating agents and novel N,S-heterocycles from an arene
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Carver, Peter I, PHD, Summer 2002
Synthesis and Characterization of Dendrimer Rods
Advisor: Williams, John G
Volkmann, Carla J, MS, Summer 2002
NMR Investigations of Inositol Phosphates
Advisor: Murthy, Pushpalatha P
Liwporncharoenvong, Teerayuth, PHD, Spring 2002
Quadruply Bonded Dimolybdenum: Dendrimers and Phthalocyanines
Advisor: Luck, Rudy L
Pishko, Adrian L, PHD, Spring 2002
A Chemiluminescent Cu(I) Method: Development and Application to Cu(I) Photoproduction in Aqueous Solutions
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Wang, Ge, PHD, Spring 2002
Syntheses and Reactivity Studies on the MoCl2(O)x(O2)2-x(OPR3)2 Series of Compounds: Uses as isomerization catalysts and stoichiometric
Advisor: Luck, Rudy L
Yang, Kunyong, MS, Spring 2002
Synthesis of Glycosyl Alkynyl Ketones: C-glycoside Precursors for c-Nucleosides
Advisor: Logue, Marshall W
Chateauneuf, Ginger M, PHD, Fall 2001
Molecular Modeling Studies of Compounds of Biological Interest: (i) Inositol Phosphates, (ii) Old Yellow Enzyme, and (iii) 1-(Isopropylideneaminomethyl)Pyrene
Advisor: Brown, Richard E
Fox, Douglas M, PHD, Fall 2001
Thermodynamic Studies of Ternary Systems: The effects of various univalent cations in aqueous tetrabutylammonium chloride mixtures and the importance of experimental
Advisor: Leifer, Leslie
Li, Xiaofen, MS, Fall 2001
Application of Ring Closing Metathesis to Synthesis of Sulfoxide Electrophilic Sulfenylation Substrates and Other Novel N,S-Heterocycles
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Bauman, Andrew T, MS, Spring 2001
Inositol Phosphates - Structural and Conformational Investigations
Advisor: Murthy, Pushpalatha P
Han, Yurong, PHD, Spring 2001
Synthesis of Polyimidesiloxanes and Hyperbranched Polycarbosilanes in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A
Qiu, Ruiqing, MS, Spring 2001
Comparison of Chemical Actinometers and Actinometric Measurements of Integrated Photon Flux in Snow
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Ma, Xiaodong, PHD, Fall 2000
Structure, Fractionation and Spectral Properties of Humic Substances and Photodegradation Processes in Lake Superior and Related River Waters
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Das, Sudipto, MS, Summer 2000
Urea-Formaldehyde Wood Composites with Improved Toughness and Moisture Resistance
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A
Li, Dun, MS, Summer 2000
Polymeric Organic/Inorganic Hybrids for Electro-Responsive Applications
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A
Zhen, Peng, MS, Summer 2000
A Study of the Effect of Copper Additives Used for Catalyzing the Oxidation of Soot Generated by Diesel Engines
Advisor: Leddy, David G
Flicker, Thomas M, PHD, Spring 2000
Detection of Carbon-Centered Free Radicals from Post-Combustion Gasses
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Shao, Xia, PHD, Spring 2000
Study of Geometric and Electronic Effects on Sulfoxide Electrophilic Sulfenylation (SES)
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Xu, Zhiyong, PHD, Spring 2000
XAS and XRD Structural Study of Nickel Electrode Materials (Part I) and FTIR Quantitative Analysis of Mineral Mixtures (Part II)
Advisor: Cornilsen, Bahne C
Raghavan, Ramani R, MS, Winter 2000
Investigation of Claisen Rearrangement on Thio-Substituted Triazoles: Novel Synthesis of Two Amino Thiazoles
Advisor: Bates, Dallas K
Verhey, Steven A, MS, Winter 2000
Chemical Analysis of Curing Epoxy Resin
Advisor: Williams, John G
O'Neill, Ryan S, MS, Winter 2000
The Nature of the Stretched Dihydrogen Ligand
Advisor: Luck, Rudy L
Liu, Yong, PHD, Fall 1999
Use of Polymer Nanoparticles as Carriers for the Controlled Release of Biocides in Solid Wood
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A
Maupin, Christine, PHD, Fall 1999
Wavelength-Selective and Polarization-Selective Luminescence Spectroscopy of Lanthanide (III) Complexes
Advisor: Riehl, James P
Wang, Xingfang, MS, Fall 1999
Cu(II) Speciation in Stamp-Sand Ponds
Advisor: Green, Sarah A
Rachtanapun, Pornchai, MS, Summer 1999
A New Approach to Thermoplastic Toughening of Urea-Formaldehyde Wood Composites
Advisor: Heiden, Patricia A

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