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CH4412 - Spectroscopy of Organic Chemistry (Spring 2013)

Emphasizes use of spectral data interpretation to determine structures of organic compounds. Discusses proton and carbon nuclear magnetic resonance (including two- dimensional techniques, COSY, HETCOR, etc.), mass spectrometry, infrared spectrophotometry. Includes use of modern software, including NMR spectramodelling, data handling and presentation, and spectral database packages.

Credits: 3.0
Lec-Rec-Lab: (2-0-2)

Terms Offered: Spring
Prerequisites: CH 2420
Course Instructor:
  Dr. Dallas K. Bates
620A ChemSci
(906) 487-1933

Course Documents:

!!CH4412 Q6.pdf
An Abbreviated Table of Electronegativities.pdf
Common Fragments Lost.pdf
Converting NMR Spectra to PDF files.pdf
Proton NMR Chemical Shifts - EM 360 Chart paper.pdf
URL for on-line spectral database.pdf
Chapter Highlights:
1 2013 Chapter 1 Introduction.pdf
2 2013 Chapter 6,7,8 Mass Spectroscopy.pdf
2a Mass Spectroscopy-Isotope patterns.pdf
3 IR Spectroscopy.pdf
4 Chapter 2 - Introduction to NMR 2013.pdf
5 Chapter 3 - NMR Chemical Shifts.pdf
6 Chapter 4 - NMR Multiplicity.pdf
6a Chapter 3 - Section 5 NMR Chemical and Magnetic Equivalence.pdf
8 C-13 NMR 2010.pdf
Yikes- wrong content! 5a A Quick Review of NMR Peak Integration.pdf
Problem Sets:
1 Intro to NMR - Multiple Choice Problem Set.pdf
2 Intro to NMR - MC Problem Set Answer Sheet.pdf
3 Simple H NMR - practice problems.pdf
4 Spectroscopy Problems Part 1-v.2011.pdf
4a Spectroscopy Problems Part 2-NMR-2013.pdf
5 Spectroscopy Problems Part 2-NMR-2011.pdf
6 Spectroscopy Problems Part 3.pdf

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